Training and Development:

In readiness, the need for further development of staffs' competencies will arise. We will address these areas with our team of experienced associates

who comprise of professional expertise from various backgrounds allowing us keep in touch with current business issues and, therefore, address them

effectively in our training sessions. Our Current Training programs include:

IN-House Training Programs

We partner with our clients to assist enhance business performance by focusing on the people, cultural and organizational ‘drivers’ required for

sustaining competitive advantage. Our Service offering includes the provision of customized solutions regarding:

  • Leadership Development.
  • Powerful Presentations.
  • Building and Managing Teams (in-door and outdoor training).
  • Performance Process Management.
  • Human Capital Strategy.
  • People Assessment.
  • Talent Management.
  • Self Development Courses.
  • OPEN-Course Training Program

    These programs focus on the provision of a range of organization development services and solutions to our clients.

    Our service offering revolves around the formulation and alignment of an organization’s Human Capital Strategy with Business Strategy. We work with

    clients across industries in the region in a partnering relationship, transferring knowledge to sustain improved performance.