General Manager in Khartoum

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Well established company is looking for a General Manager
Duties and Responsibilities
General Function:
To manage, supervise and lead all subordinates in a manner that will benefit The Company and its employees.
 To effectively manage all The Company’s Assets within Company’s policies.
 To meet the operational and financial targets set for the Company.
 To assure all required daily and monthly reports are submitted to in a timely manner.
 To train and develop the senior management and staff within the Company.
 To represent honorably The Company in all dealings with authorities and government bodies.
 To deal with the Trade Union.
 To plan and follow execution of The Company’s short and long terms goals, as set by The Board of Directors.
 To perform any other duties and responsibilities delegated by CEO.

Qualifications and Experience
 Master with minimum One Year in related fields OR B.Sc. in related fields with minimum Five Years of Project management experience
 Certification as a project management professional (PMP)
 Exemption from Military Service.
 Holds a Labor Office Card.

Job Competencies
* Functional Competencies
- Concern for excellence
Being able to be committed to the achievement and maintenance of quality.
- Decision making & Problem solving
Analyses strategically all the information gathered before making any decision by considering the impacts to fields under his/her responsibility.
- Strategic planning
Sets priorities or develops goals on the basis of future potential.
- Directing and controlling :
Being able to brief & initiate the various planned work processes.
- Resource Management
Taps into a variety of resources within the organization to achieve results, such as cross-functional teams and developmental assignments, and collaborative funding approaches.
- Language communication :
Knowledge working level of English languages
- Computer literacy:
Excellent knowledge (word, Excel and power point).
- Continuous Leading Professional Development
- Gilding and Developing Staff
- Negotiation
- Safety Awareness
- Technical Professional Skills
- Formal Presentation Skills
* Personal Competencies
- Communication
Effectively communicate with others (co-workers, superiors and other departments) by providing and exchanging information while keeping others informed.
- Teamwork
Build Team Spirit; act to promote a friendly climate, good morale and co-operation between team members. Promote team reputation with others.
- Collaboration
Being able to work effectively with others in organization.
- Integrity
Strong moral principles that goes well with our Code of Conduct.
- Leadership:
Ability to inspire and motivate other.
- Influence
Being able to take individual action to achieve desired result.
- Customer / Client Focus
- Innovation
- Risk Taking
- Stress Tolerance
- Conflict Management

Closing Date 2016-11-12
Company Confidential
Posts 1
Location Khartoum
Salary Undisclosed

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